What is Local Internet Marketing??


In the simplest form, local internet marketing is simply using the internet to market your small business in order to increase customers and revenue.   In practice however, it is so much more than that.   Quite simply, the part “using the internet” is where the work comes in.   The tactics used in local internet marketing strategy plans are quite varied, and not everything will work for every local business.   Having a website is obviously necessary, but you must plan your website around the specific marketing tactics that will work for you.

Local internet marketing is becoming a huge industry.  It, along with local internet advertising, are some of the least expensive, most powerful forms of marketing and advertising today, yet there is no cookie cutter approach to getting local internet marketing working for your business.  That said, anything good is worth the effort and its benefits can help your business appear in front of searchers looking for your specific business type, thus giving you far more exposure and potential customers for a very low cost. 

A local internet marketing plan is personal in nature much like your business and must be customized for your business to stand any chance of success.  Another important aspect of local internet marketing that many people have heard about but may be confused on is known as social networking, which includes sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.  However, this is just the tip of the iceberg and many stop there due to lack of understanding of the whole picture especially since that whole picture can become overwhelming to so many business owners.  It is no wonder why local Internet marketing is a mystery to many SMB’s and even much larger businesses and organizations alike.

Admittedly, the subject can be so in depth that the people who do have a firm grasp on it have either been trained by someone who really understands the material or they eat, breathe, and sleep in cyber space.  Like any other area in life though, choices were created on the internet to ultimately make life easier, but it was the incredible amount of choices that actually made local internet marketing very complex for the average internet user.  In short, this complexity that has been created has been overwhelming for the small to medium business owner.  The Local Internet Marketing Resource blog was built to educate the typical small business owner on the options available with internet and mobile technologies and as such give them an unfair advantage which I think is very cool!

Due to this complexity facing many small business owners, other companies have had the opportunity to surface and try to make life easier again.  One such company created a product called HootSuite that allows a person or company to interact with several social media services at one time from one console.  HootSuite is a more professional tool with a focus on the needs of a business user.  In this respect, technology truly is a double edge sword in a perpetual cycle.  It can be both the problem and the solution.  Additionally, FutureTweets by SolidFlux or Twaitter are both potentially useful tools for the busy small business owner looking to save time and minimize touch points. 

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business without which no business can flourish and marketing your business on the internet provides a fantastic opportunity for your business to grow.  When properly researched and applied, local internet marketing can grow your business exponentially and every successful business needs to make sure that focus is being applied on their strengths.  Whether your business is large or small, you need local internet marketing to make it all work.  It is not internet marketing as much as it is business in the world today.

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