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As a local small business owner you may be wondering why you need to be concerned about the increase in mobile Internet usage.  Isn’t it enough that you finally have a website?  In all honesty, no, it’s not.  The mobile age is here to stay and its greatest effect is being felt by local business owners.

To understand why mobile Internet usage is so important to your business, you first need to understand what’s happening and how it works.

Today’s consumers are far too busy to spend time flipping through an old copy of the Yellow Pages whenever they need a plumber.  They turn to the Internet where they can get instant answers. 

However, most don’t even have the luxury of being able to sit down in front of a computer for a half hour to conduct an online search, which leads us to the importance of mobile marketing.

These days, when someone needs a plumber or an auto mechanic or legal advice or help with his taxes, chances are he’s going to be searching from a mobile device, while he’s moving from one location to another.  In other words, he needs a fast answer and he needs to be able to read it on that tiny screen of his mobile phone.

Now, you may be saying, “Well, I own a restaurant, or a movie theater, or an accounting business.  That hardly qualifies as an emergency service, so why would I need to worry about mobile marketing?”

For the very same reason.  People are using their mobile devices to conduct almost 80 percent of their Internet searches.  And usually, when they’re using a mobile device, they’re moving around and they’re in a hurry.

Mr. Jones is on the subway after work and he calls Mrs. Jones to find out where she wants to meet for dinner.  Mrs. Jones says, “What’s the closest Italian restaurant?”  And Mr. Jones quickly does a mobile Internet search to find the address for the closest Italian restaurant.  It’s not an emergency, that’s true.  But if you didn’t have a mobile website, if you only had a traditional website, then Mr. Jones may not be able to read it on his mobile phone.

If you have a business that relies on the local marketplace then you almost certainly need a mobile website.  They’re set up so visitors can easily see your most relevant information, no matter what type of mobile device they’re using. 

But they’re also great marketing tools that allow you to focus on that mobile audience.  For example, you already know that anyone who lands on your mobile site is going to be either in a hurry or moving around, or both.  If you offer them a one-click option for purchasing tickets or making dinner reservations then you’ve won a customer for life.

More than 80 percent of all Americans own a mobile phone and use it to access the Internet.  If you own a local business you can no longer afford to ignore this market.

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