Internet Marketing For Small Business


At the very least, every business, no matter how large or small, should have some type of Internet presence even if it’s only a simple five-page website.  But it’s especially important for businesses that operate locally.  Without at least a listing on the search engine indexes, you’re just not going to be found.  It is all about internet marketing for small business

These days, 80 percent of all people looking for a local service provider or local product turn to the Internet.  Nobody uses the Yellow Pages anymore and nobody reads newspapers.  So, classified advertising and all those other old-school methods are no longer effective simply because no one has the time anymore.

But almost everyone has access to a computer during the day, and 80 percent of all the people on the planet carry some type of mobile device that allows Internet access.  Those people are the reason that you, as a local small business owner, absolutely must have a website.

When someone in your town is looking for a plumber, a doctor, a tow truck, a restaurant, or a movie theater, chances are they’re probably on-the-go, in a hurry, and they’re going to use a mobile phone to access the Internet to look for that information.

If your business doesn’t have a website that searcher isn’t going to see you in the search results, he’s only going to see your competitors.  He could be standing right around the corner from your business but if he doesn’t see your website he doesn’t know you exist.  This is where internet marketing for small business works the best.

But having a website does much more than just make your business visible.  It becomes an extension of your business and acts as an Internet marketing and lead generation tool.  Opt-in forms can capture leads for your business 24 hours a day.  Blog posts and sales pages can answer customer queries, and email contact forms and even online help programs can take care of customer needs 24 hours a day.

These days, you can’t even rely on traditional word-of-mouth advertising.  Not only does everyone search for information online, they also socialize online.  But word-of-mouth advertising is still alive and well, it’s just taken on a new format.

Just the presence of a simple website makes it possible for your satisfied customers to spread the word about your company.  They almost become a part of your sales force, now.  They can share your link and give you their personal recommendation when they’re talking to their friends in the social networks.

You may only update your website once every two or three months, but your customers and potential customers can access and share it 365 days a year.

If you’ve been hesitating about setting up a website because you think it’s too expensive or time consuming, don’t.   They’re not as expensive as you might think.  Depending on your needs you can set up a simple site for just a few hundred dollars.  It’s probably the most cost-effective marketing move you’ll ever make – especially when you stop paying for those worthless newspaper and Yellow Pages ads.

Get more from your business.

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