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If you want to grab someone’s attention when they’re driving along the Interstate you put up a giant billboard.  If you want to grab their attention when they’re surfing the Internet, you put up a Pinterest board.  Here we show you how to use the visual power of Pinterest for business and extend your reach and strengthen your brand.

Pinterest is the most recent social network to make a splash in the internet marketplace.  With more than 12 million registered users already, it’s the fastest growing gathering place on the Web, even faster and, in some ways, more popular than Facebook.

The reason for its speedy growth and popularity?  Images.  In a nutshell, the benefit of using Pinterest to promote your local business lies in the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” With Facebook you can post small, hard-to-see thumbnails or medium-sized images that get cropped in the conversion.  But Pinterest is designed to showcase your vibrant, full-size images.

When you want to promote your restaurant, you don’t do it with words, you use photographs of your delectable entrees.   When you want to sell a new car, you don’t just run a descriptive advertisement, you include pictures showing the hi-gloss finish and powerful engine.

Pinterest is a social network that allows users to easily, with just the click of a button, share images with their friends and family members.  Images are collected and organized in Pin Boards, similar to online scrapbooks.  Users can share one image, a complete Pin Board, or their entire account.

For businesses, the ease of sharing content is one of the biggest benefits Pinterest has to offer.  Simply post your high-quality images to your website then, when you pin them to your board, they automatically carry a link back to your website.  No coding or copy-and-paste required.

What makes Pinterest even more attractive is that users don’t have to issue friend requests to gain new followers and they don’t have to allow or refuse access to their Pins.  Once an image is Pinned to a Pinterest board, it’s available across the entire site, and it can also be syndicated by other blogs and websites.  One beautiful image can easily make its way all around the Web, carrying your link right along with it.

Pinterest is the ideal social network for a wide variety of local businesses, including photographers, wedding planners, auto dealerships, florists, artists, restaurants, entertainment venues, interior designers, and many more.  If you can take a picture of your product or service, you can use Pinterest to help build your brand.

Currently, approximately 80 percent of all Pinterest users are female, between the ages of 25 and 44.  However, the number of men using the site continues to grow and you’ll find sports teams, men’s clothing designers, pubs, consultants, and even investment firms setting up shop on Pinterest.

To get the best local internet marketing results with Pinterest, be sure to use localized keywords in your image descriptions and share your pins across your other social networks, too, to attract your local followers to your Pinterest boards.

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