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Facebook and Twitter are great when you’re sharing a link or textual information.  That’s the type of content your audience is looking for on those sites.  But, as the increasing popularity of Pinterest shows, people respond to images and how to use Facebook for business is increasingly important.  

The numbers are astounding:  More than 1 billion registered users access Facebook on a regular basis, most of them connected constantly through mobile phones, notebooks, and other portable devices.  More than 78 percent of all Internet Marketers use Facebook to promote their online businesses.  If you’re not using Facebook to promote your local business, you’re missing the boat.

There’s no question that Facebook is the largest, most active social network on the Internet.  More than 1.5 million links are shared every day and Facebook’s many apps and promotional tools make it the ideal marketing platform for any type of business.  This is why you must know how to use Facebook for business

But it’s the fact that 80 percent of all mobile phone users log on to Facebook almost daily that makes it the ideal platform for promoting your local business. 

When you think about it, when people use a mobile device to access the Internet that means they’re on the move and they’re looking for a quick answer.  Where’s the best Italian restaurant in town?  My car just stalled – can anyone recommend a quick auto mechanic? 

And since most of these people are connected to Facebook, that’s where they turn for answers.  The friends and family members in their online community all live in the same local area and they trust each other to recommend the very best.  For you, the local business owner, this is the best type of recommendation you can get.  No other type of advertising is more powerful than word-of-mouth. 

More and more local businesses are using Facebook to connect with members of their community and it doesn’t take a tech wizard to set things up.  Simply create a free Facebook account and start engaging your audience.

Create a Facebook Fan Page with the name of your business and be sure to list your city and state so you’ll appear in local searches.

Place a “Follow Us” button on your blog or website to let your visitors know you’re on Facebook.

Start by following your own friends and family members and members of your local business network.  Soon, they’ll all be following you back.

What should you post on Facebook?  That depends on your business and brand, but here are some ideas:



Links to your blog posts

A Quote or Question of the Day

Special announcements such as sales or promotions

But that’s just the beginning.  The most important thing to remember is that Facebook is a social network – a place where people go to relax and exchange all kinds of information, from humorous pictures to music videos, from childcare tips to recipes. 

Facebook users are much more likely to share your content if you get in there and interact with the community.  When you see an interesting post, leave a comment.  If you think that video is really funny, share it with your own followers.  In other words, while your followers will understand that your primary reason for being there is to promote your business, they’d also really like to get to know you on a personal level. 

Get more from your business.

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